b8.gitA statistical ("bayesian") spam filter implemented in PHPTobias Leupold7 months
endomess.gitDo rule of three measurements on screen shotsTobias Leupold3 years
gpx2svg.gitConvert GPX formatted geodata to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)Tobias Leupold14 months
log_uptime.gitAn uptime logger for linuxTobias Leupold4 years
mailforwarder.gitSimple SMTP server able to forward mails from the LAN to the WANTobias Leupold5 months
muckturnier.gitDas Programm für die Turnierleitung eines MuckturniersTobias Leupold7 hours
scripts.gitCollection of various helper scriptsTobias Leupold21 months
serienbrief.gitEasy creation of form letters written in LaTeXTobias Leupold4 years
userdbadm.gitEasy maintaining of pam_userdb filesTobias Leupold2 years
vsgitam.gitVery simple git access managementTobias Leupold4 years
vsmlist.gitThe very simple mailing listTobias Leupold18 months